Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Sam!

From 2012-2014, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the South East corner of Morocco, in a town called Zagora. I occasionally blogged/wrote sassy things during that time, and either the “I’m a Blog” tab, or the dates, can be used as guides. Now, I am back in my hometown of Colorado, with the proud status of Returned Peace Corps volunteer, or RPCV.

Below is a short acronym dictionary for some of the vocabulary thrown around casually. In addition, there is a short description about me, and my previous blogs (from the younger years).









Acronym dictionary:

Staging: A two-day period for initial orientation and meet ‘n greet for all of the soon-to-be PCV’s, where we are briefed about what is to come and a little bit about Morocco. (Philadelphia, US)

PST: Pre-Service Training. The first 2-3 months when Peace Corps Trainees are taught Darija (Arabic) or Tamalzhit (Berber) before being given an official site. (Rabat, Morocco)

PCT: Peace Corps Trainee (two months in country, before swearing in)

PCV: Peace Corps Volunteer


From the fall of 2011 until joining the Peace Corps, I was a substitute teacher at a single school 6th through 12th grade, across all subjects. Those included math, science, history, English, humanities, special ed, intervention, and being a Dean. Aka badass. I also frequently took care of small children in the evenings or when an ex-client needs a sub for a sitter. I’m just that good. I seem to work well with children.

I practiced Capoeira, do yoga, dance salsa regularly and most other ballroom dances infrequently. I play ultimate frisbee on a regular basis and rugby occurred in my college days. I am trying to become a better runner (see Marathon). I take my dogs to the doggy park, and I travel as often as possible.

I am (currently) a terrible cook, but I am great at making eggs and shakshuka. Hopefully that will move to include something else over time. For now, eggs and popcorn.

I have two brothers; one is a fifth year grad student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The other is in undergrad at University of Miami. I am excited to see how my parents will fair without a guide to the internet (me); they are fairly illiterate electronically.

I have a few other blogs that I have kept during my travels. Keep in mind, we grow as writers/bloggers with age…

Fair warning: As I learn more about the intricacies of building a website, this site will grow into something larger (inshallah). For now, bear with me as I get a speedy education.

24 Responses to Home

  1. Austin Martin says:

    You can do it! You are an inspiring and wonderful person and I know that you will achieve what ever you set out to do! :-)

  2. Dionna Pagel says:

    Recently i came across your site and also have been reading along. I figured I’d depart my very first remark. We don’t understand what to say except that I’ve loved reading through. Good web. I’ll keep visiting this website frequently. Thank for the publish and also have a pleasant day time.

    • samantha ginsburg says:

      how are you? hot?? cool here Waldo inside clear sunny here need anything? no mail just junk

  3. bob ginsburg says:

    hi Sam how are you? cool here wind blowing waldo lying down enjoying the breeze no mail write to aol and bb Dad

  4. bob ginsburg says:

    sam cold cloudy day here mom went to cherry creek festival. still waitng for her return waldosleeing by ig tv in kitchen smells as bad as camels I guess Dad

  5. bob ginsburg says:


  6. bob ginsburg says:

    night coming in waldo sleeping on floor lila poodle back mom brought him as robert in florida. all we are missing is you and camel dad

  7. bob ginsburg says:

    sam cool clear here waldo ok loooking old walking stiffly when inevitable happens what would you prefer bury him stuff him cremate him Dad

  8. bob ginsburg says:

    very hot here waldo on kitchen floor by fanwatchingMonday night football very hot in kitchen in spite of fans air conditioning

  9. bob ginsburg says:

    sam how are you? chaotic hear Lee Hector here mom planning on eating in tent outsideGiants playing against Eaglesplaying footbball on tvwaldo bored and sleeping Dad how and

  10. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    hector says hi

  11. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    hi Sam cool cloudy here Waldo inside kitchen sleeping Israel Gaza heating up,

  12. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    hin throw rug loo sam very cold today Waldo lying in kitchen on rug looking sad lonely misses you! have you heardnfrom anyone have you been in touch witm mom mom?love Dad

  13. Allison says:

    miss you sammie!!!! <3

  14. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    Sam Waldo by my feet asleep looking old how is it there?are you looking at other opportunities in thePeace Corps? love Dad have you written or heard from mom mopm?

  15. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:


  16. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    cold cloudynow w on floor in kitchen sleeping Mom coming to make dinner. nomail Dad

  17. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    cold here but sunny waldo inside licking his pawhave you heard from Adam or mom?cool but sunny todayleft hip hurts me need acupuncture again what is going on with you? how is the food?are you runnning? dad

  18. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    Sam cold clear bright day here everything white pretty as it snowed inch or two. Waldo outside have not seen mom i think she is travelling meals horrible as Mannie nice but cannotcook what was Christmas like? any different than here?love,Dad

  19. bob ginsburg@aol.com says:

    sam wasthat you trying to skype thursday night? I just turned my comp on but unot there hoy here brought waldo in house my bathroom done today wheelchair shower!! youwill like it can give waldo shower! Dad

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