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I met with an awesome English teacher at a neighboring town who has a million and a half idea and is a perfect counterpart. He is from Zagora originally, and when his 3 years of placement are up (the government decides where you teach for the first 3 years after graduation) he is actually going to stay! It is very exciting to meet someone like him. Plus, he has all sorts of ambition to teach Environment-based classes and do SIDA educational activities. He is also recording his students doing introductory videos (hi my name is- i’m from– i’m –years old, etc). When I heard that, I immediately thought about you and suggested doing some sort of cross-cultural-classroom exchange. I know we decided to put our ideas on hold until after the new year, but my newest idea I’m bouncing with is for HIM to make the video with his students, you can share it with your students, and then they can do some introductions, perhaps. And go from there.

By the way, the reason I met him is because I am helping out with the Spelling Bees around the Zagora Province. Last year, an awesome PCV initiated the Spelling Bee with the MATE (Moroccan Association of Teachers of English) and I was able to show up for the final competition. There were 25-30 schools last year. This year, there are over 300 registered! Pretty freakin’ amazing. Anyway, the teacher is from a town about 30 minutes outside of Zagora, and told me that the School Bee is today (Saturday) and asked if I could come judge.

I’m super excited to help out and meet these kids!

Off to the coal mines,


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